Make Thanking Your Guests Easier with A Simple Thank You Program

Thursday, July 14, 2016
Writing thank you cards after a funeral service is intended to assist the family in thanking their friends and relatives for their support during a difficult time. When someone sends flowers or food, donates to a funeral, or does something else for the family, a thank you card should be sent. In most circumstances, all that is necessary is a few heartfelt words to express their appreciation.

To assist families with thank you cards, Lawn Funeral Home is proud to announce a great new service called A Simple Thank You. What this service provides during a family's time of grieving is extremely beneficial.

A Simple Thank You is a guest registry system that allows visitors to simply type their information into an iPad, just as you would hand write the information into a traditional guestbook. As the name implies, it is simple, easy to use and a picture of your loved one can be beautifully displayed on the screen. Once everyone has registered, they print out a beautiful custom registry book complete with legible names.

The main benefit is the service also prints custom acknowledgement cards and addresses all the envelopes. We feel this is extremely helpful as it can take hours and even days to try and write and address thank you cards to everyone who attended. Just last week we had a service where over 500 guests entered their information into A Simple Thank You guest registry. The service was able to provide completed acknowledgement cards and addressed envelopes direct to the family.

The families will also get a digital copy of everyone who registered in case you would want to follow up with additional messages to the visitors. It's a fantastic service we are proud to offer our families in a time of need. To learn more about this program, please contact Lawn Funeral Home today.

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