Why should we hold a funeral service?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
After a loved one has passed on, it is customary across faiths to hold a funeral service to remember the loved one. In the midst of your grief, you may be wondering how a funeral service can help. Learn three reasons why we should have a funeral for a loved one.

1. Funerals help you find closure
Whether anticipated or unexpected, the loss of a loved one can feel sudden. Funerals help you come to terms with the loss and find closure. Through readings, shared stories, and prayer, you can reflect on the meaning of life and death and have the important chance to accept the finality of this loss.

2. Funerals honor the decedent
During funerals, attendees often speak about the person who has passed, sharing memories and talking about how the person touched their lives. This often happens formally, at a wake or memorial service, as well as informally in gatherings and over the phone. The person who died was important to you and touched your soul.

By coming together to tell important stories, you pay respect to the deceased person. The process also comforts those in attendance, and initiates the grieving process.

3. Funerals aid in the grieving process
Without holding a funeral, you can be delayed in grieving. Healthy grieving is important and should not be overlooked as a part of life, although it can be uncomfortable. In healthy grief, you reflect upon a loss, accept that you suffered the loss, and find a way to move on. In other words, you mourn your loved one, accept they have passed on, and honor their memory by living your life one day at a time.

Funerals provided needed closure and surround you with others suffering a loss. When you are surrounded by mourners, you feel less alone.

A funeral can be as traditional or unique as you wish, and religious or non-religious as you want. Think what your loved one would have wanted, and design the day to honor their spirit.

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