Cremation or Burial? An overview of How to Choose.

Thursday, September 15, 2016
When dealing with the loss of a loved one, one of the first decisions you must make is whether to choose cremation or burial. This choice is final and can be difficult for many to make. Explore the pros and cons of cremation and burial to make your choice.

Cremation Pros and Cons

Cremation is flexible. You may scatter the cremated remains at a favorite spot (in compliance with local laws), place them in your home, or take them with you. Since families may be spread out, burial means saying goodbye to your loved one's resting place if you move away.

A burial site may not be meaningful to you or your loved one. Since cremation is location independent, it places the choice in your hands. You can determine where your loved one's remains will go and how they are remembered.

Burial Pros and Cons

Burial offers a concrete way to say goodbye. Many find that the act of seeing their loved one's casket descend into the earth provides closure. This can help you grieve, and may offer more meaning than placing ashes in a decorative urn.

Depending on your loved one's religion or culture, cremation may be forbidden. If cremation was prohibited in your loved one's culture, you should consider their beliefs and wishes. Burial may be the safer option.

Burial is place-based, which means needing to visit the burial site to remember your loved one. If you are unable to get to the site regularly, and your loved one's grave site would go untended, cremation may make more sense.

Talk over what your loved one would have preferred with friends and family members, and consult any record they made of their last wishes. This way, you can come to your decision at peace, knowing it's what they would have wanted.

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