Closing Online Accounts after Death

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Now that you can do just about anything online, it's not uncommon for individuals to have multiple accounts. Companies urge you to set up your own account for their services for everything from statement notification to bill pay. Yet when you have an account for every service you use, it can be difficult for someone else to close these out after your passing.

How to Close Your Accounts After Death

The best thing to do is create an account list with all your usernames and passwords. Place this list somewhere safe and secure where it can't be accessed by thieves.

Without this information, your family members will have no way to access your accounts and deactivate them. Providing this information helps your loved ones take care of your affairs after you die, reducing their stress in a trying time.

What to Do If Your Loved One Left Open Online Accounts

If your loved one didn't leave this type of list, use their computer to try accessing email accounts. They might have set up automatic logins that will allow you to access social media, bank, or other subscription accounts.

If this does not work, gather the documentation of the account holder's death. Many email companies will grant you access if you show this information. This will allow you to monitor incoming emails and figure out which accounts still exist that require closing. Then call or email customer service for places where your loved ones has accounts set up. Customer service personnel can help you close out the accounts.

While this is a lot of work, it must be done to protect your loved one's safety and ensure that all of your loved one's assets are distributed fairly after their death in the manner of their wishes.

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