How to Discuss Your Final Wishes with Loved Ones

Monday, March 13, 2017
Many people grow uncomfortable at the thought of making decisions about funeral arrangements or discussing their final wishes with loved ones. However, doing so is actually one of the most loving things you can do for your family.

A Highly Personal Decision

While some people might prefer to avoid these kinds of conversations, they are a reality of life. If you donít define your wishes and communicate them to others, someone else will make these decisions on your behalf.

Some individuals want their family members to be a part of the planning process. However, others prefer to do all of the planning on their own and reveal their decisions later. Once plans have been made, however, most families actually feel comfort and relief.

Revealing Your Plans to Your Family

Deciding how to reveal your final wishes is a highly personal choice, and the timing and structure is entirely up to you. The setting in which you reveal your decisions is just as important as how you tell your family. A quiet, comfortable setting can put everyone at ease.

Be sensitive about their possible reactions, but also be positive. You are ultimately doing this to save them confusion and stress later. However, even if you have a clear idea of what your wishes are, try to keep an open mind. Others may have valuable thoughts and input, and talking about it will bring you closer as a family.

Documenting Your Choices

Finally, put your final wishes in writing. The information should be outlined in your financial will, and you should also make a living will that details your medical wishes.

While talking about these kinds of topics can make for difficult conversations, they are nonetheless important ones. Making decisions now can help to prevent confusion, disagreements and family rifts down the road.

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