3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Home

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
After a loved one dies, it's important to plan a funeral that celebrates their life. If you have never had to plan a funeral or memorial service before, you may not know where to start. Look for these 3 elements in a funeral home to find the right venue for an end-of-life celebration.

1. Types of Funeral Service

Funeral Homes are not "one size fits all." Most funeral homes offer different tiers or types of service. Before you commit, find out the charges associated with the service you want. During such a difficult time, you don't want to deal with unnecessary fees or a bill you cannot afford.

2. Funeral Home Location

The location of the funeral home should be meaningful in some way to the loved one who passed on. Many people choose a funeral home in the town where the individual lived, worked, was raised, or had another impact. Some choose a home they've used for other relatives so friends, family members, and community residents can pay their last respects without having to travel too far.

3. Customization Options

There are many ways to customize the funeral to memorialize the loved one you have lost. From choosing songs, sayings, or prayers to decorating, there are lots of ways to make the affair unique to your loved one. Personalizing the funeral service with photos of your loved one, a funeral book, or custom cards provides meaning for the attendees. Before you sign a contract, make sure the funeral home allows you to customize the funeral in the manner you intend.

Compare the customization, location, and service types offered at a few different funeral homes. This way, you'll know you made the right choice when you commit to one funeral home.

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