How to Honor Your Loved One's Life With a Great Funeral

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Take the stress out of funeral planning by using these tips to create a ceremony that honors your loved one.

Incorporate family traditions

Did your family have annual traditions, such as vacations, Friday night meals, or favorite games? These memories can become part of the funeral, helping guests feel closer to your loved one. Serve their favorite food after the funeral or include pictures from family vacations at the ceremony.

Use Humor

If your loved one was always cracking jokes, then it could be appropriate to use humor at their funeral. Humor can lighten the mood during a difficult time. Try sharing silly anecdotes during the eulogy to bring the spirit of your loved one to life.

Choose Their Favorite Music

If your loved one appreciated music -- perhaps they were musically inclined -- then playing their favorite music at the funeral is another way you can pay tribute to their life and interests. By including music your loved one liked in the ceremony, you'll help guests feel a stronger connection during an emotional time.

Share Your Favorite Memories

A memory table is a fun way to showcase your favorite memories of your loved one. Share photos of significant milestones in your loved one's life, and include photos of your loved one with other friends and relatives. This helps people reminisce about their favorite memories of the deceased. Collect sports memorabilia, favorite knick-knacks, and other things that tell the story of who your loved one was.

Let Guests Share Memories

Let guests share their own special memories of your loved one. This provides people with a chance to grieve and relieve precious moments.

By planning a funeral that reflects who your loved one was, you can help guests grieve.

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