Pre-Planning Your Funeral: 3 Common Misconceptions Debunked

Friday, February 2, 2018
If you've ever planned a funeral, you know how stressful and painstaking the process can be. While grieving, it can be difficult to make important decisions like the location of the funeral and the choice of a casket or urn. To lessen the strain on families during mourning, many individuals prefer to make funeral arrangements in advance. While more and more individuals are choosing to pre-plan their funerals, many people still donít fully understand the concept. Hereís a look at some of the most common misconceptions surrounding pre-planned funerals.

1. Pre-Planning a Funeral Is Too Difficult on the Family

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding pre-planning a funeral is how it affects the family. While no one wants to consider the possibility of their loved one passing away, knowing itís coming and being prepared can significantly lessen the mental and emotional tension that occurs after a death. Pre-planning a funeral allows individuals to discuss their funeral preferences and make arrangements in advance. With most of the arrangements made ahead of time, families are able to grieve in peace later on.

2. Pre-Planning a Funeral Doesnít Effect Costs

Funerals can be very expensive even under normal circumstances. This can create a considerable financial burden on family left behind. When an individual chooses to pre-plan their funeral, they can pay for arrangements in advance, lessening the financial stress that is often put on loved ones following a death. When you make your own funeral arrangements, you also have control over costs and how the funeral services will be handled.

3. Pre-Planning a Funeral Wonít Provide Peace of Mind

Some people believe that pre-planning a funeral will not provide the peace of mind they seek following the news of an impending death. However, many families find this to be false. Pre-planning a funeral can actually provide considerable peace of mind to both the individual and their family. With funeral arrangements out of the way, families can focus on reconciling differences and disputes before itís too late.

When pre-planning your own funeral can be an intimidating prospect, it can also be very beneficial. When you make your final arrangements in advance, you can ensure that your funeral services will be conducted according to your wishes while easing the burden on your loved ones.

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