The Death Positive Movement

Monday, April 15, 2019
The Death Positive Movement is gaining ground and popularity in today's society. This movement is based on the idea that people who have open and accepting discussions about death can lower stress, improve relationships, and alleviate a lot of the pressure and anxiety that revolves around avoiding the topic. Since most people are uncomfortable talking about death, the movement toward a more death positive approach can be a good way to open up a discussion and make people more comfortable with a part of life no one can actually avoid.

What Does the Death Positive Movement Focus On?
There are some specific focal points of the Death Positive Movement. The main one is the encouragement to talk and think freely about death, instead of trying to ignore the subject or forget about it. A focus is also placed on family-centered funerals, where the people who remain behind know exactly what the person who died wanted for their funeral and how the family can and should be included in that. Celebrating the life of the deceased is often more important at these occasions than mourning their passing.

Removing the Taboo Around Death is Important
By talking freely about death, people release the pressure of a taboo topic. This alleviates a lot of the anxiety and fear surrounding death, and enables people who are planning for their own end of life to make more fulfilling and informed choices about what they want done at their funeral and with their body after death. Many people feel the topic of death should be avoided unless it has to be discussed, but that makes it harder to make satisfying decisions. The emotions of losing a loved one can get in the way when that person dies, but planning beforehand helps reduce that problem.

In Western culture, life is emphasized. That makes death harder to discuss and wishes harder to communicate. When people learn to discuss death openly, peace and understanding come more easily and a loved one's wishes can be honored. When people plan for their own death, they also relieve the emotional and financial pressure on family members, and improve relationships through open communication.

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