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Pre-Planning is the process of discussing different options for funeral arrangements before the need arises. Our funeral directors at Lawn Funeral Home are glad to explain, discuss and present the several options that are available.

There are several benefits of planning for a funeral in advance. Pre-planning services allow the individual to convey their final wishes to the funeral director. This will ensure that a loved one’s needs and wishes will be fulfilled. In addition, planning funeral services before they are needed helps alleviate emotional distress when the time of passing occurs and avoids making rushed decisions during a difficult time.

This process may also benefit a family financially by making arrangements ahead of time for payments while controlling the cost of inflation for the cost of services. When making future arrangements with a funeral director, the plans may be altered at any time if your wishes have changed. Pre-planning a funeral also offers the opportunity to involve the family in making decisions regarding an individual’s funeral options. Although we hope to provide exceptional service to your family during this difficult time, pre-planning does allow your arranged services to be transferred to a funeral home in another area if you relocate.

There are many reasons to pre-plan your funeral, no matter your age, health, or financial condition. Pre-planning ensures that what is most important to you is clearly stipulated and will ensure peace of mind for your family during this difficult time.